Ntp Clients

Aus Gude Systems GmbH
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  • Windows 95/98/ME, NT, 2000, XP
    • Dimension4, the most reliable ntp client GUI application for nearby every Windows version
    • Automachron is a freeware SNTP client for synchronizing your computer's time with an NTP server. Automachron works under Win95/98, NT4 and Win2000. It supports SNTP as well as TIME (both UDP and TCP).

  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 - w32time service
    • Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit - You will need to purchase the Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit to obtain the necessary files for installing the Time Service that communicates with NTP. Refer to Microsoft NT supplement 4: Keeping Time On Your Windows NT Network.
    • W32Time - Windows 2000 and XP include a built-in time service called Windows Time or W32Time. Go to The Windows Time Service for a detailed description of this service, how it operates on a Windows 2000 network, and how it can be configured to best meet the needs of your enterprise.
    • Windows XP exports a simple sntp client gui within your date and time settings, which indeed configures XP's W32Time as ntp client.

  • Novell Netware
    • SNTPCLNT is a Simple Network Time Protocol client shareware for Netware 3.x, 4.x and 5.x.
    • TIMESYNC.NLM provides a Novell-proprietary time synchronization service which has been available on NetWare since NetWare 4.0 was released in 1993. In 1999 Novell enhanced TIMESYNC.NLM to provide both NTP client and server capability. TIMESYNC.NLM version 5.08 or later provides these facilities. See the July 3, 1999 AppNote, Using Network Time Protocol (NTP) with NetWare 5. For NetWare version 4.2, see Monitoring and Maintaining Time Synchronization.

  • Apple
    • Mac OS X ntp client settings
    • NTP support is available via the Date and Time Control Panel on Mac OS 8.5 and higher: NetChronometer is shareware. NetChronometer will synchronize the date and time of your Macintosh with a network time server. Vremya is a scriptable NTP client for Macintosh. It allows you to set your clock using a NTP server by polling or receiving broadcasts. It requires Open Transport TCP/IP version 1.1 or better.

  • iSeries and AS/400
    • Client Server Development makes a product called Atomic Time Manager 400 which synchronizes iSeries and AS/400 hardware and software clocks to an NTP server.

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